Sporting Events & Advanced Tickets

Advanced Tickets


Buy your Buttons in advanced! $5 



Carnival Tickets!

Will let you know about getting them soon!!!


So much FREE stuff to do! So help support a buy a button!


All BANDS admission & music all weekend

Raffles & Drawings ALL WEEKEND

Kips Kids Fun Show

Kids Casting Contest

Bird House Building

Kids Fishing Contest

To name a few & So many more!!!!!!


Street Dances!

Come enjoy, dance, listen & socialize during our great bands! There is a beer tent, so please be prepared to have your I.D. All the bands are FREE admission, we do hope that you at least buy a button to help support & help us to continue to pay for these great bands coming in!!!


  • Friday 7:30-10pm is "Best Practice"
                 (Rock/Pop/Country Cover Band)

  • Saturday 7:30-11 is "Road Trip" 

  • Sunday 11-3pm



Of course after all the bands are done, or if you choose to go to any of the bars after SAFE RIDE is available! Please use it! Thanks to the Marquette County Tavern League. 

Softball Tournaments:

(Not this year Unfortunately!! Hopefully it will be back next year!)